Add Downloaded Assets to a UE4 Project

Step 1 After purchasing the material package,                  click download to download the Zip file.

Note If you are not adding these materials to an           existing project, you must first create a                 new project in Unreal Engine 4.

Step 2 Extract the contents of the downloaded zip files into the "Content" folder of your project.

Note A file with the same name as the downloaded file will now appear in the “Content” folder of your Unreal Engine 4 project.


To use the materials in a different project, repeat these steps, and extract the files into the Content folder of a different project.

Note​ Inside the downloaded folder will be three sub-folders named, “Maps” “Materials” and “Textures.”

Double-click “Overview” in the “Maps” folder to open a level where you can view all the materials.

NoteThe “Materials” folder contains three sub-folders.

  • Material instances in the “MaterialsHD” folder are designed for desktop applications

  • Material instances in the “MaterialsMobile” folder are designed for Mobile applications.

  • The “Parent Materials” folder contains the Material Blueprints for both Mobile and HD versions.