VHMD Development Kit Setup

STEP 1 Download and Install Arduino IDE

Click the link below to go to the Arduino website and follow the instructions to download and install the IDE.

Arduino Website

STEP 3 Enter Lens Calibration Equations

The slip of paper shipped with your VHMD Development kit includes a calibration equation for each of your lenses. Use these to replace the default equations in the provided Arduino code.

STEP 4 Connect Each Lens

1. Connect the yellow signal wire of each lens to the Arduino


"Lens A" signal wire : Pin 3

"Lens B" signal wire : Pin 4


2. Connect each lens to power

Red Wire: Positive

Brown Wire: Ground

Power source should provide 6V with a minimum of 400mA per lens (800 mA for two lenses).

STEP 5 Run Arduino Code

Run the Arduino code to see the lens run in demo mode. Change the Arduino code to suit your application.

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