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Software Development Services
Test suites, conformance tests, samples and
tutorials for multiple specialized languages.


Holochip Presents at WEST 2022


From MIL-SPEC XR headsets and smart cameras to advanced simulator displays, Holochip is developing the next generation of display imaging and display technology for the most challenging environments.

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Light Field 3D Display

Display hardware and rendering software to enable a new class of glasses-free 3D displays for collaboration and situational awareness.

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Holochip’s technology adheres to a modular open systems approach leveraging open standards. To support this work, Holochip is an active member of the Khronos Group and assists in the development, maintenance, and improvement of many open standards.

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Optical and optomechanical design for smart cameras, medical imaging devices, and complex thermal and LWIR sensor applications.

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Holochip develops AR/VR solutions for training, maintenance, and entertainment applications. From application development to full custom headset design, Holochip provides turnkey AR/VR solutions.

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VHMD Dev Kit

Provide improved visual cues for VR headsets by leveraging hardware and software development to address the vergence-accommodation conflict.

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