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Augmented Reality and Light Field Display Experts

Holochip provides development services for OpenXR, Vulkan, and OpenCL and turnkey display solutions.

H50 AR Goggles

The H50 is a ruggedized goggle-style AR device developed for applications requiring the most stringent cybersecurity considerations. In addition to standard AR capabilities (e.g. spatial cognition, rendering, displaying indications, sensor input, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity), the H50 provides multi-factor authentication using a Smart Card (compatible with DoD CAC) and a keypad, and NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF) compliance by implementing the Ubuntu 18.04 Security technical implementation guide (STIG).

AR goggles H50
openxr moltenvk opencl services

AR/VR/XR Services

Holochip provides software development services covering all aspects of the AR/VR/XR ecosystem from head and hand tracking, to advanced rendering pipelines using Vulkan, and from iOS compatibility using MoltenVK to AI interaction using OpenCL. Holochip can accelerate all aspects of your XR projects.

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agnostic display environment


The Agonistic Display Environment (ADA) SDK allows ray tracing enabled applications to render to any type of display device, or combination of display devices including 3D displays. The ADA can be called by the ray generation shader and enables correction to the generated rays to support 3D displays. The SDK is written in C++ and Vulkan and is compatible with Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android.

helicopter flight simulator chin window

Variable Collimation Display

A replacement for standard helicopter simulator chin window displays that provides the pilot with accurate visual depth cues.

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