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Software Services

Molten VK


Support for all aspects of MoltenVK development to help you optimize Vulkan-based applications for iOS and MacOS, enhancing performance and cross-platform compatibility without extensive code rewrites.

Holochip helped Khronos Group to:
(1) add support for extensions to MoltenVK to improve functionality with the Android emulator
(2) reduce conformance testsuite (CTS) failures associated with extensions 
(3) reduce overall CTS failures encountered when running MoltenVK.



Aid in leveraging the development, deployment, and fine-tuning of OpenCL for complex computations, graphics, or other high-performance tasks.

Holochip helped Khronos Group to improve the existing OpenCL Conformance Test Suite (CTS) by:
(1) Performing run-time optimization through test selection, optimization, and parallel execution
(2) Refactoring CTS Framework to reduce development barriers to creating and deploying new tests.


Vulkan Samples

Assistance with streamlining high-performance 3D rendering applications through efficient parallel computing and a simplified development process with cross-platform compatibility.

Holochip Helped Khronos Group to produce basic “how-to” samples for the Vulkan graphics API that show users how to perform common tasks related to: Ray tracing, GPU-Based Rendering using Bindless Resources, Fragment Shading, External Memory, Sparse Textures & Buffers, and several others.

Vulkan Samples


At Holochip, we offer expert software consulting services centered around OpenXR, the unifying standard for the virtual and augmented reality space. Our team of seasoned professionals assist in harnessing the full potential of this platform, providing guidance on development, implementation, and optimization. Whether you're developing immersive enterprise applications or advanced simulations, we ensure seamless interoperability and maximum performance with OpenXR.

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