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DK-SLAM: SLAM Development Kit

AR for Flight Simulation: Welcome
AR for Flight Simulation: Welcome

The DK-SLAM is a development kit which includes all the same sensors and software used in the H50 AR goggles for inside-out tracking, mapping, and gesture recognition. The DK-SLAM is designed to be an add-on for AR glasses without a sufficient tracking system or as a vision for robotics, drones, or other applications. Additionally, a version of the development kit, DK-SLAM-AR, is available which also includes the waveguide displays used in the H50 AR goggles and can be used to develop custom AR devices.

There are many hurdles on the way to developing AR devices, many of which can be prohibitive for small teams. Holochip has done all the heavy lifting so you don't have to. Some of the issues the DK-SLAM-AR helps you sidestep are:

  • Struggles with commercial stereo and depths camera that don't provide sufficient control

  • Time, cost, and licenses for critical components (HDCP) to create waveguide driver electronics

  • Most AR SDKs are designed for android and are harder to use on Window and Linux

  • Bureaucratic hurdles required to purchase waveguides from large manufacturers


In addition to providing the devkit, holochip offers consulting services to help you bring your projects to life.


The DK-SLAM (or DK-SLMAM-AR) and the included Holochip AR SDK enable:

  • Generation of spatial maps and meshing

  • Position tracking

  • Hand tracking

  • Image/object recognition and tracking

  • Compatibility with Windows and Linx


Tutorials are included to integrate the Devkit with Unity and Unreal Engine.





  • 6 ft Cable (USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 with Display Port Alt Mode)

  • Carrying Case


  • Cleaning Cloth

Contact us to learn more at

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