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Holochip Corporation

Holochip provides augmented reality and holographic displays powered by our advanced rendering software. The same team of graphics and rendering experts who created our custom solutions are ready to assist with your end-to-end software development needs including with OpenXR, Vulkan, and OpenGL. 


Who is Holochip?

Holochip is a team of engineers and developers dedicated to pushing the cutting edge of AR/VR and holographic display technology. 


What are Holochip’s areas of expertise?

Holochip has deep expertise in the following areas 

  • rendering technologies (including Vulkan, OpenGL, and DirectX)

  • AR/VR ecosystem (including OpenXR)

  • integration with game engines (including Unreal and Unity)

  • Light field display (including custom optics and light engines, and rendering)

  • Optics (AR/VR, camera, laser)

  • Smart cameras (including IoT, ISR, medical) 


Where is Holochip located?

Holochip is headquartered in Torrance CA.


For what industries does Holochip develop products?

Holochip develops products for many industries including Defense, Medical, Simulation and Training, Entertainment, Automotive, Aviation, Maritime, and Space.

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