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The UVGI AR Wand is an innovative tool that combines ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) with augmented reality (AR) for the ultimate in disinfection solutions. This wand utilizes high-powered UV-C light to efficiently and effectively disinfect surfaces and objects, and can be used in any environment. With the added AR capabilities, users can easily identify and target areas that need to be disinfected. With this powerful combination, the UVGI AR Wand is the ideal choice for any space that requires thorough disinfection.

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AR for Maintenance

Holochip’s Cybersecure AR System (CARS) is an augmented reality system developed for applications requiring the most stringent cybersecurity considerations. In addition to standard AR capabilities (e.g. spatial cognition, rendering, displaying indications, sensor input, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity), CARS provides multi-factor authentication using a Common Access Card (CAC), and a keypad and Risk Management Framework (RMF) compliance by implementing the Ubuntu 18.04 Security technical implementation guide (STIG).

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AR for Flight Simulation

Holochip’s ARFS is an ultra-wide field of view optical pass through augmented reality headset. Designed as a replacement for the projector and mirror display solutions used in military flight simulators. ARFS provides best in class optical performance, contrast and color gamut, and has both higher resolution and larger field of view than any other AR display solution.

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