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Holochip OpenXR Demo


  • An OpenXR compatible headset (or a headset emulator)

  • An OpenXR compatible runtime installed and properly configured on a Linux OS (Windows and MacOS support coming soon). We are using the Monando runtime developed by Collabora.

  • Install demo dependencies

Demo Installation Instructions

  1. Clone the "Holochip OpenXR Demo Suite" from the Holochip Git repo

  2. cd into the folder into which the location of the "Holochip OpenXR Demo Suite" was downloaded

  3. Initialize the submodules using the command "git submodule update --init --recursive" 

  4. Run the following commands:

    1. mkdir build && cd build

    2. set OPENXR_SDK_SRC_DIR=/OpenXRInstallPath/OpenXR-SDK-Source

    3. set OPENXR_SDK_BUILD_DIR=/OpenXRInstallPath/cmake-build-debug

    4. cmake ..

    5. make

    6. ./holochip_openxr


If the demo application fails to run, you will see an error indicating what is wrong. Below are links to the Khronos troubleshooting resources.

Need help with the Demo?

If you run into any issues with the demo, have questions about implementation, or need help with your OpenXR projects, please contact us at

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