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Quake II RTX in VR with Holochip

Quake II vr
Quake II VR stamp

Holochip has been developing the ability to incorporate advanced Vulkan rendering capabilities into OpenXR projects to support light field and other next generation displays. This year at SIGGRAPH 2023 as part of the Birds of a Feather program, Holochip demonstrated that Vulkan ray tracing has been integrated with OpenXR and enables users with different types of displays (VR headset, and a light field display) both rendered using OpenXR, to play against one another in Quake II RTX.

Play Quake II RTX VR! 

Meta Quest II Controller
Meta Quest II UI
Meta Quest II UI 2
Meta Quest II UI 3
SteamVR UI
Meta Quest II Controller 2
Meta Quest II UI 5
Meta Quest II UI 6

1. Put on your headset, then press             on your right controller to pull up your universal menu

2. Hover and click the "Settings" button (green gear icon) on the right side of the universal menu.


3. Select "System" 









4. Select "Quest Link" from the menu on the left, and then click on the toggle button to enable Quest Link

5. Select "Launch Quest Link" or go to the quick settings menu and select "Quest Link" to open the Quest Link dialog. If "Launch Quest Link" does not appear, restart your headset and it should then appear.

6. On your computer, run SteamVR from the Steam application

7. In your headset, you should now be located in SteamVR Home:

Press the Hamburger Menu button on your left controller









8. Click "Settings" in the bottom right of the menu that appears 










9. Navigate to "OpenXR" and set "SteamVR" as OpenXR runtime if it does not appear as the active runtime already

Meta Quest II button
Meta Quest II UI 4

Holochip’s VR port enables Quake II RTX to be played on VR headsets using OpenXR. Quake II RTX is Nvidia’s remastered and

fully ray-traced version of id’s classic Quake II shooter. Quake II RTX VR supports Oculus Quest 2 with the SteamVR runtime. 


Support for additional headsets, OpenXR runtimes, and light field displays coming soon.


Holochip develops custom AR/VR headsets, and provides rendering development services with a focus on OpenXR and Vulkan. Contact us to explore how Holochip’s engineers can help accelerate your project development.


Step-by-step Setup Instructions
Getting the Tools
1. Download Git Bash for Windows
2. Download Cmake for Windows
     > when installing Cmake, make sure to select "Add CMake to the system PATH for all users"
Getting the Files

1. Clone the git repository:

     > git clone --recursive

     > cd quake2rtx

     > git submodule update --init --recursive3

3. Open a windows terminal window

2. Download blue_noise_pkz and q2rtx_media.pkz and copy both to the game assets folder (quake2RTX/baseq2)

3. To access the levels beyond what the demo offers, the file pak0.pak will need to be acquired by purchasing the full game

Building the Game


  1. Enter the quake2rtx folder

  2. Open the Terminal at this file location

       > mkdir build

       > cd build

       > cmake ..

       > cmake --build . (note the period at the end, it is critical)


Setting the Runtime

Compatible Runtimes:

SteamVR - Tested and Working.

Download Steam and install

  • Download SteamVR from the Steam application store

  • Download the Oculus PC App 

  • Install Oculus PC App

  • Open the Oculus desktop app on your PC

  • Turn on your headset

  • Plug your USB 3 cable into a USB 3.0 port on your PC, then plug the other end into your headset

Using a Meta Quest 2:

Playing the Game
To play the game:

Go to your Quake folder, scroll down and double click "q2rtx.exe"


Controls :
Play the game and HAVE FUN!

Meta Quest II Quake II VR Controls
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