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Holochip develops custom AR/VR/MR hardware and software for use in both training and operational environments. Solutions all emphasize cyber security and are designed to achieve Authorization To Operate (ATO) in various facilities by incorporating Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and following existing Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs)

AR VR MR Image

Custom Headset Development • Custom SLAM Solutions • Custom Rendering Solutions •​ OpenXR

AR/VR/MR: Welcome

AR for Maintenance 

Enable hands-free access to documentation, checklists and subject matter experts in complex maintenance scenarios.


AR for Flight Simulation

Collaborate with anyone on your network with a lower cost alternative to obtrusive and expensive full flight simulators.

AR for maintenance


Holochip’s technology adheres to a modular open systems approach leveraging open standards. To support this work, Holochip is an active member of the Khronos Group and assists in the development, maintenance, and improvement of many open standards.

AR for flight simulation
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